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Crypto Numismat
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Become a true Blockchain Numismat!
Easy as Dollar

Biggest Numismat on the Blockchain

CryptoNumismat is a game where you
can buy all over the world currencies as SmartContracts.

Own assets that nobody can duplicate or
destroy to become the Greatest and the Richest Numismat!
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Friendly fees

We take from 5% to 2% fees only
as the value of the SmartContract (note) increases.

You can learn more by clicking 'How it works'.

Double Profit or What is United?

There are two types of Notes avaliable: Common and United.

Commons are basic collectable Notes for
holding and getting profit from reselling.

United ones are also collectable,
furthemore, the Owner of the United Note receives a percentage
from each transaction that occurred with it's Commons.
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The price of each note increases with each transaction. When one becomes an owner of the note, other can repurchase it with a new price.

  • 2.5x upto 0.05 ETH - 5% fee
  • 2x upto 0.5 ETH - 5% fee
  • 1.66x upto 5 ETH - 4% fee
  • 1.43x upto 50 ETH - 3% fee
  • 1.25x from 50 ETH - 2% fee

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